How it works

Add users Once you’re setup, all you have to do is add users to the system. This will create individual user accounts on Xerofone. You can also import users in bulk, for example, by organisation department, by work shift or by school year.
Download APP Once a user has been created, they will receive a text message to download the Xerofone app. This will then be installed on their device.
Lock smartphones Once the app has been installed on a user’s smartphone, you can create time slots to control all or part of the smartphone capabilities. It takes seconds and only needs to be done once. If at any time a user deletes Xerofone from their smartphone, you will receive an alert notification.

Xerofone benefits


Is smartphone use making your child distracted, anxious, irritable or unsociable?

If grownups can’t control how much they use them, how can we expect kids to? Smartphones can cause non-stop rows in the home and they make it very difficult for parents to get any peace of mind. Sleep, school and home life are all victims of smartphones.


Teachers being videoed. Students gaming and on social media. What about education?

When at school it’s difficult to check if they’re following smartphone policies. This causes anxiety and tensions between students and teachers. Even the best schools admit that it’s impossible to police smartphone policies or bans.


Smartphone alerts every 10 minutes. Time wasted checking and responding. Cost per employee £2,802

Poor productivity, poor customer service and damage to company reputation all mean that profits aren’t what they could be.

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