Teachers being videoed. Students gaming and on social media. What about education?

The Problem

Smartphones are a fantastic safety measure and give parents peace of mind when kids are travelling to and from school. But when at school it’s difficult to check if they’re following smartphone policies. This causes anxiety and tensions between students and teachers. Even the best schools admit that it’s impossible to police smartphone policies or bans.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Ofsted
    Allowing phones in schools was akin to giving children a game, a camera and a television while they tried to learn.
  • WSJ
    Citing Harvard Business School – Smart phones make you tired and unproductive.
  • LSE
    Student performance in high stakes exams significantly increases post smart phone ban.
  • The Guardian
    Smartphones can negatively affect concentration, communication and sleep while increasing procrastination and stress.

The solution

Xerofone lets schools control smartphones and limit their use. Using the admin dashboard, you can quickly add all students and deny access to the distracting parts of their phones. Social media, gaming and filming of teachers will no longer be possible during class time.

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