Is smartphone use making your child distracted, anxious, irritable or unsociable?

The Problem

Smartphones are extremely addictive. If grownups can’t control how much they use them, how can we expect kids to? Smartphones can cause non-stop rows in the home and they make it very difficult for parents to get any peace of mind. Sleep, school and home life are all victims of smartphones.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • The Huffington Post
    Smartphone use at night hurts sleep and workplace productivity.
  • The Atlantic
    Teens are using social media as a replacement for the in-person interactions that can help them develop socially.
  • The Guardian
    Smartphones can negatively affect concentration, communication and sleep while increasing procrastination and stress.
  • The Times
    Pupils could be banned from bringing smartphones and tablet computers into classrooms amid fears that the devices disrupt learning.

The solution

Xerofone lets you manage smartphones and limit their use. Using the Xerofone dashboard, you simply add your child’s phone number and download the app. You can then create time slots to control all or part of their smartphone’s capabilities. It lets you limit smartphone distractions during school, study, family and sleep time – quickly and easily.

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