Our history

Xerofone was born out of a parent’s genuine concern and worry about the health and wellbeing of his children. There was growing evidence, through global research, that smartphones were having a negative impact on people – including children. Depression, anxiety, poor interpersonal skills and under-achievement in and out of school were all being attributed to smartphone use.

The concerned parent was Macartan Mulligan, the founder and former CEO of NoBullying.com – one of the largest anti-bullying websites in the world. Having successfully established NoBullying.com, Macartan left it to spend time with his young family. Then, after extensive research into smartphone addiction, he founded Xerofone.

There is significant evidence – from creditable and independent sources – that society is in the depths of a huge problem due to smartphone addiction. The problem spans all demographics and is in every corner of the world. It’s much more than just a problem for teenagers addicted to social media. The addiction is rampant in adults as well. There’s evidence that the addictive nature of smartphones and the easy access they provide to online gambling, social media and X-rated websites is the root cause of many marital breakups.

Business is affected too. Companies are losing vast sums of money through employees spending work time on their personal smartphones. It’s equivalent to staff stealing thousands of pounds per employee per year.

Now, rather than using a well-choreographed marketing pitch to make us look good – we’re just going to tell it as it is.

We set Xerofone up out of a passionate distaste for how society is living through a smartphone screen. From children and teens right through to adults. Very deliberately, addictively-made social media, gaming, gambling, news and X-rated sites are constantly vying for our attention. They do this through those little beeps, buzzes and lights – which direct the addict in us to the non-stop flow of distracting and often irrelevant information.

So, if you’ve had enough of smartphone zombie land – then become part of a movement that’s doing something about it.

Welcome to Xerofone. We’re “Stopping Smartphones Stealing Your Time”.